「Keisu, Kei - bowl bell 

A  type of bell, traditionally made of a sheet of copper beaten into the shape of a bowl(手打ちと言いましても全くの一枚の銅板から打ち出してある訳ではなくて), which rests mouth up on a cushion and is rung by striking the lip with a baton

The small bowl-bell (shōkei ) is a medium-sized bowl, about 20 cm in diameter(around 7 inch), that sits on a cushion and is rung with a wooden baton. Large bowl-bells (daikei ) range from 30 cm to more than 50 cm(12 inch - 20 inch) in diameter; they sit on a cushion and are rung with a wooden baton covered in leather. When any bowl-bell is rung, it reverberates for long time unless it is damped (osaeru 押さえる) by grabbing the lip with the hand or holding the baton against it. Another technique for sounding a bowl-bell is to damp it with one hand while striking it with the butt of the baton, held in the other hand. This is called "hitting damped bowl-bell with butt of baton" (nakkei).

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