Kansho  “Calling Bell” “summoning bell”

Wooden Stand / Bell Hanging structure size: 12" wide x 12.5" tall x 7" deep

Bell size: approx 4 inches diameter & 6.5 inches height

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The ringing of the Kansho, literally “calling bell,”  is rung to begin the service because it reminds us of the way that Shakamuni Buddha shared the Dharma or teachings with all, and how it called everyone to explore the truth. One of the truths that the Buddha teaches is the impermanence of all existence.

“This act of ringing the bell 108 times symbolically ‘rings out’ the 108 delusions of woman and man and ‘rings in’ our aspiration to overcome ignorance, greed and anger in the coming year,”

Why is the Kansho Rung 108 Times?

Because, according to the temple, human passions (or delusions) originate in the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, plus a sixth sense of consciousness. These sensations can occur in three forms: pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral for a total of 18. These feeling states are either attached to pleasure or unattached to pleasure. Thus, 18 times two equals 36. These 36 may manifest in the past, present, or future. Multiplying 36 by three gives a total of 108 delusions.


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Buddhist bell and striker with rosewood stand frame, desk structure chime gong, bonsho instrument set, free world shipping

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